A Healing Meditation from Bruno

Another form of meditation I enjoy doing is one I learned from the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. It is called Regaluin. I may have that spelled wrong. It is German.  There is a source of healing energy that Bruno Groening was able to tap into since he was a child growing up in Germany. There are many dozens of verifiable healings that are attributed to him. He does not claim to be divine, but says he had the power to heal. After WWII people in Germany and all over Europe went to him for healing. But due to some shady business management by his untrustworthy managers, things did not go well. Plus the media and medical establishment back then were not friendly toward him either. But if one attends a Bruno Groening Circle of Friends meeting (here in Tucson at Banner Main Hospital) one can learn a great deal more about him.

When meditating at these meetings it is important to have some silence and security (like most forms of Meditation). It is also taught to not cross arms and/or legs as it interferes with the flowing energy. For this kind of meditation one sits upright, feet on the floor or ground with hands open on the lap or on top of the legs. It is believed that this healing energy comes through the feet and hands, much like the earth and sky energy comes in via the imagined tailbone tree trunk. One then takes their mind to Nature. One pictures a wonderful Natural scene of beauty either real or imaginary, and one places themselves there as the breath deepens and slows a bit. When meditating this way, one can be healed of anything from pimples to cancer. There are verified cases one can find online or at the local Circle of Friends meetings. I remember they play some soft music while meditating also, classical.

I have had my own positive results from doing this form of meditation.

I love it.


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