An Early Meditation

I was recently thinking of my early experiences in recovery that helped change my life. I look back and often see these as little miracles. I wonder if we all have such little miracles and just don’t see them. When I first started see a counselor for the first time in my life—I was probably 25 or 26 at this time. I think I had about a year of sobriety.

My counselor’s office had moved to Berkley, Michigan so I drove down there each Wednesday afternoon. As I left one day, I decided to explore a bit. Right down the street was this strange little book store. I forget the name of it, but it called me in. It was full of all kinds of different books.  I mean they were not the kind of books one finds in most libraries or big box book stores. There were books on healing and aromatherapy and crystals and metaphysics and water and dolphins and meditation and mindfulness—all kinds. I guess this was the beginning of the New Age movement.

I bought a book of visualizations and meditations. I still use one of them to this day. In fact, I once had a job interview with a therapy director of a large behavioral health organization, and I mentioned this in answer to the question about “how do you deal with stress.”  

After I told her about she replied, “That’s the same one I use.”

I still smile when I remember that. If the head therapist of such an organization uses it—it can’t be all bad. I also remember a conversation with the head therapist at a job I had for years in the behavioral health field (helping people recover).  I mentioned that when stressed I sometimes go to the park next door and talk to the trees.

She replied, “Oh, I just go to my car and scream.”

I like that humorous reply.

Anyway, my grounding visualization meditation I learned from that book from the strange little bookstore in Berkley, MI follows. It is call The Earth and Sky Meditation.

I sit in a comfortable position: sitting, standing, laying down. Take some deep cleansing breaths and clear the mind if possible. Then focus on your tailbone and imagine a tree root, but it is part of you—going into the earth. This root goes down into the ground. You can see it and feel it in your imagination. This root can goes down miles.

Then feel the earth energy coming into you through the root. It is an earthy color like orange or brown even an earthy green if you want. Visualize your body slowly filling with this cleaning energy—start with your toes, go to the ankles, the knees, etc all the way up to the top of your head.

When the earth energy comes out the top of your head it showers your body with this color.

Now do the same thing with sky energy. Feel the sun shining on you and feel the energy of the sky and sun enter your toes, a different color, a bright sky color of your choice. Do the same thing—feel this energy fill your body bit by bit. When it gets to the top of your head it showers this color as well.  They say to yourself, “I am earth, I am sky.”

Of course, I image a thousand variations on this theme. I bet there is not wrong way to do it. I often just feel the root going into the earth and it helps me feel grounded.


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