I love Saturdays. Working 8-5 Monday through Friday means getting up and going to work. I like work, and I find great love for the people I meet along the way there and especially those I work with. Not long ago I made the choice to ride the bus, to not have a car. I found myself feeling like I was in a foreign country at first. Who are these bus people? Well I learned I was a bus person. I practiced some of my meditation and silent mantras while riding the bus and I found love for everyone. Some people are more difficult to love than others, but I found great joy and love riding the bus for several months.

But a handful of Saturdays ago I had to get to my acre of open land in Cochise County–and one cannot get to the middle of nowhere without a car, so I bought a car. On Saturdays I go for the hour and a half drive down to visit my little corner of Nature. I plan to retire there, maybe. I plan to live off grid there, maybe, and I plan to have some farm animals and maybe some rescued animals to care for, maybe. I have learned that having a plan is good, but God may have other plans for me as well.

I have lived a very interesting life. I have tasted the pain of addiction in my youth. I have tasted the challenges and joys in recovery. I have college degrees that have helped me see the world in my unique way. I have lived in China for several years. I have lived in and loved this other culture. I have happy memories from childhood, from early recovery, from the college years, from the overseas years, from years being married and years loving the world alone.

Today is Saturday. I have my hot, sweet cup of coffee and a hot shower in the near future to look forward to (it’s my Scandinavian heritage maybe). I love long hot showers. Later today I will take care of some business at the post office; I will then head to my acre and visit the birds for a while.

Oh, maybe I can paint later as well!

Hope you have a pleasant Saturday!


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