Memories of a Loving Mother

Memories of a Loving Mother

Thomas Jefferson once said, “If men were angels, we would not need governments.” Our government is being tested these days. None of us are angels—I get angry often, just like my ma did back during Watergate. She’d be ironing clothes when I came home from 6th or 7th grade, and she’d be shouting at the TV, “You dirty LIAR.” I still smile when I remember those days sometimes. (I wonder why I came in the back door that day. I only came in the back door if I figured I’d better fly under the radar for some reason: In kindergarten I once came home covered from head to toe with mud—that is Spring in Michigan—for boys at least. I think I was even missing a shoe that the mud in the playground would not let go of. Instead of the verbal thrashing I was expecting that day, I got extra love—“Oh you poor boy, what happened to you?”   God Bless Mothers who care for muddy little boys.

Anyway—I promised not to go into politics on my blog, so I will stick with love and joy. If my ma were around today I am sure she would be watching TV all day and shouting. When I went to China to teach for 3 years, I could not understand all the attention she was paying to OJ Simpson and some long trial. Now I know what was going on, but from across the world it was hard to get what was going on.

I guess I will just call this entry, “Memories of a loving Mother.”

MA would like this place


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